Witness The Opulent Classical Melodies Of Strauss And Mozart Concert



Kursalon Vienna is a concert hall made in the heart of the city of Vienna. Here the world famous Johann Strauss II used to perform in the 19th century along with his orchestra. You are going to witness the unforgettable experience of your lifetime here. You will be served with the master pieces of Strauss and Mozart Concert. This tradition of paying homage to the great musicians is being carried forward by Salon Orchester Alt Wien. You will surely be enchanted with the charm of Viennese music culture.

Highlights of the Strauss and Mozart Concert

  • This is the most historical venue from where the world famous Johann Strauss II performed in the 19th century along with his orchestra
  • You will get an opportunity to enjoy and cherish he most beautiful and famous musical notes of Johann Strauss and Mozart
  • You will get to watch the magnificent performance of Salon Orchester Alt Wien with performances of ballet dancers and opera singers

What is Included in Ticket

You will have a glass of wine to relish during the intermission time. You will also get a CD and program booklet of Johann Strauss Concert Vienna.

Other Details

The concert shall be of 2 hours with an intermission of 15 minutes. There is no specific dress code for the guests. The location of the concert will be the Lanner Hall in Kursalon Wien.

The VIP category will also be available here. They will also be served a glass of wine and a CD of Johann Strauss along with the program booklet.

The most renowned ballet dancers and opera singers accompany the orchestra with its beautiful dance compositions and performances. You will be enchanted with the magical combination of music and dance.