Why should you visit Vienna


Vienna is known globally as the home of classical music. There are many wonderful sites and diverse cultures forming a good tourist attraction site. Vienna basically is very rich in musical culture which has been played for a very long time from the time Strauss, Mozart and Beethoven were being performed to date. You wouldn't want to miss a visit to the museum of fine arts that features one of the largest gallery of arts in the world. Not forgetting the beautiful voices of the Vienna boys' choir or Mozart and Strauss concert.

Vienna concerts

Vienna boats of being the home of classical music. The city is known of hosting some of the best contemporary music and art shows. The best time to visit Vienna is in October, during this season Wean Hean festival is held and encompasses a wide range of contemporary jazz and traditional music. The concerts are usually held in city hot spots as well as wine taverns and are designed to appeal to music of all genre. Other concerts are held in an outdoor environment some miles away from the city. It is usually a great adventure as they provide camping facilities to festival attenders.

Another musical attraction you should be aware of is Lange Nacht der Musik otherwise known as long night of music. During this concert event different kinds of music is played all night by local musicians. The best part is they have a shuttle services that transports concert goers to and from the show.


For you to get into these concerts you need to buy yourself tickets. The best place to get Strauss and Mozart concert tickets is online. It is also very convenient as all you need is a smartphone or PC with internet connection.