Vienna Mozart orchestra in state opera


Vienna is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the world as it witnesses thousands of tourists every year. One of the reasons for Vienna's popularity is the fact it is home some of the finest music that can experience anywhere in the world. This is the reason why Vienna is known as the capital of music in the world. Besides music Vienna also offers incredible traditional culture, rich history, vibrant lifestyle and great food. If you are planning on visiting Vienna, then you must check out the different packages that are available on the website of Concert Vienna.

The experience offered by Mozart orchestra in state opera

The Vienna Mozart orchestra in state opera is an exclusive experience for VIP packages and offers some of the finest experience for the customers. Some of the great things that are offered under this package include listening to great music from the comfort of your premium seat. Apart from this you also get a lavish 4 course meal in the form of "Gourmet menu" at one of the finest restaurants known as "Restaurant Opus".

In this exclusive VIP package you also get the chance to meet the artists, the performers as well as the conductors during intermission. This package also provides with free ride from Restaurant Opus to concert hall and a glass of wine or soft drink based on your preference. As a VIP package customer you are also offered the CD of Mozart orchestra and the program book as a souvenir.

You are offered first class treatment in the form luxurious rides, premium seats, great food, gifts and some of the finest orchestra music that you can hear anywhere. The Concert Vienna accepts payment for their packages via different channels such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Apple pay amongst others. 

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