Listen to the Mozart and Strauss in Vienna

Who doesn't love music! Such soothing, pleasant and mellifluous melody cannot be gifted by anything else!

If you are a lover of the classical vintage music, listen to the Classical Concerts Vienna. Fly off to Vienna and enchant your ears with the bliss of classical music.

Have you any idea about the essence of classical music amidst a historical atmosphere?

It's going to be mind-blowing! You will enjoy the most exotic notes of Johann Strauss and W.A. Mozart. Imagine, you are sitting on that place where Strauss first stroke on the strings of his violin. Won't you feel Goosebumps! Definitely, you will!

For joining the concert, you need some important things. Check out.

The Vienna Opera tickets are the ones without which you cannot step inside the opera. This is implied for all categories.

If you book the ticket for VIP category, you will be treated with a king-like treatment. Want to know how? Well, when you enter the program, a program booklet will be given to you. To make your presence worthy, a special glass of rich vintage wine will be offered to you during the intermission. While the program is going on, you will get a CD of the legendary Johann Strauss.

Before you head off to the concert, go through these key informations:

  • The whole program elongates for 2 hours. Besides, add 15 minutes more with it for the intermission.
  • The specific location is the Kursalon Wien in the Lanner Hall.
  • For attending the concert, you don't have to follow any dress code. It is better to be in casuals. After all, listening to the classic music is a fun-loving affair.
  • To reach the spot, you can take the metro line U4. Else go to the Stadtpark Station and catch a train. There you will be!
  • If you have any problem while walking, you can afford wheelchairs inside the concert.

Enjoy the classical concerts in Vienna! 

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